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Offer Valid: 01/01/2021 - 02/01/2022
Member to member
FABA Member to Member Discount Program
  • FABA will promote a member to member deals 
  • Discounts will be posted on the FABA website: www.Fabava.com by clicking on the Member to Member Hot Deal button under members.
  • They will be in a classified advertising style of listing. Please log in to your FABA Member account or email your Member to Member Hot Deal/Discount description to admin@fabava.com, FABA Staff will approve your Deal to be posted. Please feel free to email to follow up.
  • Be sure to include all YOUR contact information, including website links and email addresses 
  • The offer should be valid for FABA members. It is the responsibility of the member to contact FABA when they want to change or delete their discount program. 

This Hot Deal is promoted by Fredericksburg Area Builders Association.